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The TECHO FROID MEDICAL company has been specialized in scientific refrigeration for many years. Our technicians, at the forefront of the technology of -80 ° c, ensure the troubleshooting of cooling systems in Europe and Africa.
We maintain and repair all types of multi-brand cold appliances (lyophilizers, incubators, glazed ice machines, cryobains, climatic chambers, refrigerated cabinets, freezers -20 ° c / -40 ° c / -60 ° c / -80 ° / -150 ° c etc. ..).
We own spare parts for all brands on the market.
In addition, TECHO FROID MEDICAL has several brands, enabling it to offer you new equipment, and to distribute a complete range of lyophilizers and refrigerants (cofrac).


Our main customers in France :


  • Institut National de recherches agronomiques (INRA) Toulouse
  • Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture et Agroalimentaire (ISARA) Rhône Alpes
  • Institut Pasteur
  • Faculté de Médecine de Lyon
  • Hôpital privé St Antoine à Paris
  • Hospices Civils de Lyon
  • Le Paris St Germain (cryogénie footballeurs)
  • Synth Innove à Paris
  • SMARTOX (biotechnology) à Grenoble
  • Institut National de la Santé et Recherche Médical (INSERM)
  • Perkin Elmer à Toulouse
  • CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique)
  • INSA (Institut National Sciences Appliquées) à Toulouse
  • MEDES (Institut de Médecine et de physiologie spatiale) à Toulouse
  • Prol Expert à Lyon, etc…