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Freeze-drying, or formerly freeze-drying, is the desiccation of a product previously frozen by sublimation. The sublimating solvent is generally water, but it may also be an alcohol.


Our unmatched expertise in ultra low temperature, electronic, scientific and technical vacuum, allows Techo Froid Medical to assume the maintenance and maintenance of various machines such as:

  • Paillasse Freeze Dryers
  • Freeze Drivers
  • Production Lyophilizers


Our technicians trained in the latest technologies possess a high level of skills, which can provide solutions for your lyophilizers:

  • Preventative and rigorous maintenance
  • Precise and specific settings
  • Quality Repair
  • Use and optimization advice
  • Reflection of vacuum pumps
  • Oil change and cleaning of vacuum pumps
  • Oil change from high and low pressure compressors
  • Cleaning of high and low pressure refrigeration circuits
  • Leakage search
  • Sealing compliance with specific tools
  • Technical Support: Establish procedures to avoid breakdowns during the cycle
  • Make improvements on electrical parts, empty and cold


Techo Froid Medical offers maintenance contracts to improve revenue, increase performance when possible, reach temperatures necessary for a final product quality.

lyophilisateur machine froid