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What is the total redesign ?

Techo Froid Médical offers a complete overhaul of your freezers and lyophilizers.
By redesign, we are talking here about keeping the enclosure of your freezer and replacing all the mechanical, electrical and electronic part.
This way, you get a refreshed freezer that works like a new one with a controlled cost in a transparent way and reduces the ecological impact by giving a new life to your device.


The total remodeling package

The package we offer for any device redesign includes:

  • Replacement of the high pressure compressor
  • Replacement of the low pressure compressor
  • Replacing the oil separator
  • Replacement of electrical boxes
  • Replacing wiring harnesses
  • Replacement of condenser fans
  • Cleaning the condenser
  • The cleaning and rinsing of the two low and high pressure refrigerant circuits
  • Oil changes
  • Gas refills
  • Rehabilitation of armaflex insulation
  • Electric reconfiguration
  • A 12 month parts and labor warranty